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Mini Byzantine Wooden Icon of Jesus and Mary

Mini Byzantine Wooden Icon of Jesus and Mary

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Made in Greece

Icons of Jesus Christ often picture the image of Christ Pantocrator, meaning Christ, Ruler of All. It is one of the first images of Christ painted by devoted early Christians and is still the central figure of icons of Eastern Orthodox Church.

Christ is usually pictured holding the New Testament of the Bible in his left and and is making the familiar gesture of teaching and blessing with his right.

Our little wooden icon features one image of Mary with the baby Jesus as well as Christ Pantocrator. It is hand-made, in the traditional manner of Byzantine art (painted with egg, tempera and gold). It measures 2 inches by 2-7/8 inches when open. The hinge allows it to close for portability and for display. The back of the icon's wooden base has been carved by hand also.

Mini icons have been produced by family businesses for centuries and recently many of these small shops have gone out of business. We are no longer able to purchase these hand-painted icons. Many of the smaller icons made today are still hand-made, but not as nicely as these.

The images of Jesus and Mary vary slightly as does the finishing as each of these are made by hand. Please let SilverCrow choose one for you.

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