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Mini Byzantine Wooden Triptych Icon of Mary and the Archangels - New Style

Mini Byzantine Wooden Triptych Icon of Mary and the Archangels - New Style

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Made in Greece

Icons are associated with the Byzantine rite churches. This lovely handmade triptych (three panel) wooden icon has been hand-carved on the back and individual icons have been découpaged to the front.The images feature Glikofilousa (the Blessed Mother Mary) with the baby Jesus on the center panel with an Archangel and Saint on either side.

The side panels are attached by hinges allowing them to close so that only the carved wood is seen from the outside.  The images have been découpaged in the style of the much more expensive hand painted icons. This design also allows the piece to be free-standing.

This triptych style with three panels was originally created centuries ago for the persecuted who believed in the angels, saints, Mary and Jesus, to be able to hide their images from the persecutors.

The images are highlighted with metallic golden paper, and, in some cases, gold leaf. The entire piece measures 2 inches high by 3 wide inches when completely open. The hinges allow it to stand easily for display as well as to hide the icon. When closed, it measures 2 inches high by 1-1/2 inch wide.

Because these are handmade, each is slightly different from the next, so please let us choose one for you.

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