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Mini Drill (Pin Vice) + 20 Drill Bits

Mini Drill (Pin Vice) + 20 Drill Bits

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This pocket-sized pin vise hand drill is just the ticket for detail jobs. The pin vise (so called because the end will tighten enough to hold a pin!) easily holds each drill bit firmly, so that you can use your hand power to create your hole. Obviously not for large jobs, the mini drill comes with a box of bits and a protective plastic sleeve. The tiny bits range in size from 61-80. We like it for opening up the holes in beads.


  • 20 piece No 61-80 wire gauge drill bit set from 0.013 inch to 0.038 inch diameter
  • Drill bits are made of high speed steel
  • Single end pin vise with swivel head
  • Second collet is stored under the handle
  • Drill plastics, soft metals, and soft to medium woods
  • For jewelry, watches, clocks, models, miniatures, instruments
Pin vise and bits may vary slightly from the photo.

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