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Mini Framed Jean-François Millet Painting: The Gleaners

Mini Framed Jean-François Millet Painting: The Gleaners

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Made in Taiwan

Incorrectly attributed to van Gogh, this lovely painting by Jean-François Millet is entitled The Gleaners. The women appear to be doing back-breaking work sifting through the ground after wheat has been reaped, collecting the ears of the wheat.

Millet and van Gogh both painted in the same era. However, van Gogh's paintings seemed to capture the raw essence of the peasant farmers and other workers. And, Millet's work softened the tone of the work, making it more palatable and well received by the connoisseurs of the time.

This little painting is framed in a lovely wood frame and the print is behind acetate, appearing like glass. This is, of course, just perfect for a doll house. But, surely you might use it in any of your projects. It measures 2-1/8 inches by 1-3/4 inch.

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