Mini Multi Screwdriver Pendant

Mini Multi Screwdriver Pendant

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Have these ever happened to you?
  • You are at your desk working on the next great American novel and your glasses fall off of your face and when you pick them up, a screw has fallen out.
  • You are in your car, when your passenger drops their wedding ring into a toaster (why they are holding a toaster does not matter, but they are).
  • Or, you are sitting at home watching TV with your favorite four-legged friend upon your lap when the battery dies in the remote. You can reach new batteries without disturbing your pet but there is a screw holding the battery cover in place.
If they have (as well as if they haven't) then we have the ideal product for you. This miniature screwdriver comes ready for all your itty bitty screws. Just unscrew the screwdriver from the correct cover and you have either a flat head or Phillips head screwdriver.


This screwdriver can also be used on a hex head screw. Simply place the bottom of the screwdriver pendant onto the hex head screw and there you go!

What makes this screwdriver so special is that it is made to be a pendant. So, you can always have it with you by placing it on a necklace or adding it to your keychain.

The pendant measures 2-1/2 inches long (including the loop) by 3/16 inch wide.

Chain not included.

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