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Mini Pink Devil Mask Ornament - Handpainted by Jimenez

Mini Pink Devil Mask Ornament - Handpainted by Jimenez

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Made in Peru

Although these ornaments are meant to represent the devil, we're not so sure as they are all quite comical and fun! The artist, Jimenez, has sculpted natural materials and clay to create his masks. So there are so very few that look even close to the same, so we are quite lucky that we have some that are quite similar. These are miniature versions of the masks displayed on so many walls and worn during so many holiday celebrations.

This particular mask is mostly pink, with grey, black, white, yellow, red and green accents. The devil features stringy hair, 2 spotted horns and a forked tongue

Each time we order these scary but fun masks, we get completely different designs. Even though some are our favorites, we may never see them again!

No two are exactly the same because they are hand sculpted, so please let us choose one for you. It will be very close to the item pictured.

There is a self-loop on the back for hanging. The approximate measurements are 2-3/4 inches high by 3 inches wide.

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