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Mini Tole Painted Wooden Box

Mini Tole Painted Wooden Box

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This lovely little box couldn't be more useful. It makes a great little gift box or a nice trinket or treasure box for you bureau, desk or bookshelf.

Made of wood and painted in the toll style, however it is not shiny like most toll painted items are. The decorative folk art style seemed to have begun in New England (USA) and was also practiced by early German immigrants to Pennsylvania (the Pennsylvania Dutch). There are similar styles of painting in Lithuania, Scandinavia and Mexico. This lead us to believe it was the technique that allowed the average person to create something lovely from a common wooden article.

This is a reproduction item that has been massed produced by hand, so it is not as unique as the individual treasures you might find in an antique or second-hand store.

Our picture makes the little box appear shiny, but it really is matte. To create a shine, you can use water-based varnish from the hardware store or any paint sealer from a craft store.

The box measures 2-1/4 inches in diameter, and, including the lid, it is 1-3/4 inch high.

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