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Mini Transparent Compass that Opens

Mini Transparent Compass that Opens

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These cool transparent compasses are ungraduated (they have no markings). That means you can add your own. Consider labeling these in all different ways - perhaps with ME, YOU, THEM, NOBODY, instead of North, South, East and West. Or, what ever you can imagine.

These are 3/4 inch in diameter and open up so that you can add your own directions. Be careful so that you don't loose the little needle or pointer when you take them apart. We found it best to use tweezers to reposition the pointer after opening. How much fun can you have with these? Make up your own game, specialty jewelry and more.

Each compass is flat-backed for easy gluing. These are magnetic compasses - so they really work, but you'll not know what direction they indicate unless you use another compass to determine it. Please don't use this for real positioning unless you really know what you're doing.

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