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Mini Vernier Caliper

Mini Vernier Caliper

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Never struggle to measure those tiny beads, components or any other minute objects again.

This miniature vernier caliper does the same job as a full sized caliper except it can be kept in your pocket, on your desk, with your pens and pencils; anywhere really. You could even add a chain to it and make it into a key chain or necklace.

It can measure objects up to 45 mm (4.5 cm); that is roughly 1-3/4 inches. To measure an item, simply loosen the knob and move the slide until the item is held within the clamps (jaws). 

A word of caution though, the slide can come off the fixed beam, so do not leave the knob too loose when you are not using the caliper.

The caliper itself measures 2-1/16 inch long by 15/16 inch wide. 

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