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Miniature Plastic Fence
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Miniature Plastic Fence

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Get your little people ready, the rodeo is back in town!

These small brown wood grained plastic fences (they are flat backed) will make a wonderful corral for your little ones to try for their best times on the back of a bucking bull.

Of course, you don't have to use them to set up a rodeo. They could simply set up a farm area for your little ones, to help keep their cattle where they are supposed to be grazing.

Because of the flat backs, they are great for gluing to a collage, assemblage, memory box or diorama.

If you choose to stand one up, the fence piece should stand on its own, but we highly recommend using an adhesive if you wish for it to be in place for a period of time. They are lightweight and the slightest breeze or bump will knock them over.

It measures about 5-1/8 inches long by 1-9/16 inch high. The round bases measure about 5/16 inch in diameter.

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