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Miracle Juices™: Hangover Cures: Juices for Speedy Recovery
Miracle Juices™: Hangover Cures: Juices for Speedy Recovery

Miracle Juices™: Hangover Cures: Juices for Speedy Recovery

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Headache, feeling sick & shaking? Settle your stomach and re-hydrate your body through the natural power of juices.

These remedies are fast and simple to prepare; they boost your health and vitality and they are tasty and nutritious. In fact, they are quite tasty. Of course, you might still prepare them with no hangover.

Recipes and pictures are included as well as the nutritional values.

WARNING: If you think you may be an alcoholic, then the remedies in Hangover Cures will NOT be able to help you. Please seek help immediately. Alcoholics Anonymous has helped many people throughout the years. Please find an AA Meeting near you. There are lots of resources on their website: www.aa.org.

NOTICE from the publisher and bookseller: Hangover Cures should not be considered a replacement for professional medical treatment; a physician should be consulted on all matters relating to health. While the advice and information in this book is believed to be accurate, the publisher and bookseller cannot accept any legal responsibility or liability for any injury or illness sustained while following the advice in this book. Worryingly, alcoholism affects one in ten people in the Western world. Those who drink to excess are putting themselves at risk from many conditions, including the following: stomach ulcers, colitis, decreased energy, liver, pancreas and gastrointestinal problems and short-term memory loss.

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