Miro Lithographs (Coloring Book)
Miro Lithographs (Coloring Book)

Miro Lithographs (Coloring Book)

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Joan Miró's line recalls Picasso's in clarity and power;…
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Joan Miró's line recalls Picasso's in clarity and power; the Catalan's "plastic aggressiveness" led him, as it did his Andalusian friend, to bold, successful experiment and innovation in ceramics, sculpture and printmaking, especially lithography. The lithographic print medium suited and encouraged the artist's life-long, often radical obsession with stripping art to the marrow.

The 40 plates reproduced here sample the pith of his lithographic production - a series produced in 1944, full of the eerie images and roll distortion he had sought on canvas for decades.

Although this was not designed as a coloring book, the black and white illustrations offer the amateur artist an opportunity to re-illustrate Miró. Of course, they can be admired and framed for the striking art that they are - in black and white.

These books arrive with different color covers. Each time we order, the color is different, so please let us choose one for you.

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