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Monkey Family Sticker Paper Dolls

Monkey Family Sticker Paper Dolls

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Printed in USA

This pleasant family of four bright-eyed monkeys invites you to dress them in a variety of colorful costumes. With more than 140 full-color stickers, you can clothe papa, Mama, Little Brother and Big Sister in costumes for bedtime, exploring, swimming, party-going, relaxing in a tropical climate, masquerading, doing home repairs, enjoying school activities and much more.

Sandals, sneakers, slippers, ribbons, hats, hair ornaments, tote bags, sunglasses, jewelry, roller skates, assorted toys and other charming accessories complete this active family's wardrobe. Best of all, you can use the peel-and apply stickers again and again for hours of fun-filled play.

145 full-color costume stickers on 4 plates (9-1/4 inches by 12-1/4 inches).

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