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My Lucky Penny - Elongated Penny - Smashed Penny
My Lucky Penny - Elongated Penny - Smashed Penny

My Lucky Penny - Elongated Penny - Smashed Penny

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Coins like these have many names, but our favorite is smashed pennies, aka elongated pennies and pressed pennies. The first elongated penny was created for the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago, Illinois to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus during 1892-1893. There are some who believe that there were such coins produced earlier, but the experts have singled this celebration as the beginning.

A smashed penny is is made by forcing a penny (or other coin) through two steel rollers. There is an engraving on one of the rollers (sometimes both sides). A crank (mechanical or electronic) forces the coin through the rollers and squeezes it with extreme pressure. This smashes the coin from round to ...you guessed it...elongated. The pressure pushes the engraving into the penny at the same time it is smashing it.

We've been collecting these since we were children, and now our grandchildren collect them, too. Made from shiny pennies, you can rest assured that your penny will be shiny.

This special little penny will hopefully bring you luck (of course, we cannot promise that it will, but we'll hope for you, too!) The penny features a dotted border, an upturned horseshoe and two 4-leaf clovers along with the sentiment:

My Lucky Penny

Because they are smashed in the process of impressing the message, these souvenir pennies are super thin, yet sturdy. The new oval shape measures about 1-5/16 long and about 13/16 wide. This makes a wonderful keepsake for your wallet or pocket. And, it's a lovely little token to give to your beloved.

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