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NO REGRETS IN LIFE - Hand Carved Chinese Chop Set (SilverCrow Exclusive)

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SilverCrow had this exquisite seal carved just for our …
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* Made in Taiwan
* Only One (1)

SilverCrow had this exquisite seal carved just for our customers! Each is a bit different as the artisan hand-carved each one. This is the last one of a limited edition of 3.We are certain that you'll be as taken by your seal as we are.

Presented to you in an elegant silken box and carved on a traditional Dragon seal made of jade and soapstone. A Chinese porcelain jar of red seal ink (tael ink) accompanies the chop.

The auspicious dragon carved at the top of this extraordinarily elegant stone chop and the beautiful golden dragon inscribed on the front are the perfect accompaniment for the gracious sentiment,

The characters are especially detailed and the image is about 1-1/4" square.

You'll find this wonderful one as a gift for yourself or someone who is quite dear to you.

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