Naipes Espanoles - Spanish Playing Cards
Naipes Espanoles - Spanish Playing Cards - Box

Naipes Espanoles - Spanish Playing Cards

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This fantastic deck has four alternative suits: Swords, Clubs, Cups, and Coins (numbered 1 through 12, plus two advertising cards). Not only are the suits different, but there are no traditional face cards. Their unique faces and suits make the traditional cards reminiscent of tarot cards. There are 40 cards in the deck (not a standard count).

Baraja cards, such as these were originally used for games way back in 1371!

Naipes Españoles have fewer cards than a standard set of poker or bridge cards, Once you see the graphics, you'll want to use them for your artwork rather than for playing cards. Use one as a special gift tag; cut and paste for a continental collage - etc.

You can make up your own game. The traditional game is similar to Hearts or Spades. You can find many game rules on the web by searching for Naipes Espanoles.

Such a great value for such splendid graphics. Individual packs and brands may differ slightly.


  • # Cards: 40
  • Height: 3-7/8 inches
  • Weight: 2-1/4 inches

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