Natural Madagascan Straw Raffia
Natural Madagascan Straw Raffia

Natural Madagascan Straw Raffia

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* Made in Madagascar

Our one-ounce package of natural raffia works nicely in natural inspired creations. It also makes a great ribbon for earthy paper, or, indeed, even plain brown kraft paper or a paper bag.

Each of these generous packages is different. Although the width and the length of the fiber may differ slightly - even in the same package. This natural ribbon is meant to be just like this. It's hard for us to estimate the amount of raffia in each package as it is packaged by weight, not by length. But, rest assured, it's a bunch.

Raffia comes from the raffia palm tree. It grows in Africa, the Philippines and Madagascar. These tropical regions boast a wet soil, which is perfect for these trees. It's long leaves can reach almost 60 feet. After the leaves have been harvested, they are cut and torn off creating a continuous pale green fiber. After the fiber has been sun dried, it becomes a light beige color.

This is a manual operation by native workers, who work also to preserve the environment. In all of the areas, the government protects the trees by limiting the harvest to five months a hear, allowing the branches and leaves time to regrow.

Box not included.

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