New Mini Dream Catcher
New Mini Dream Catcher

New Mini Dream Catcher

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* Made in Thailand

Dreams have always held many meanings us all, and in particular to Native American Indians. A very old Ojibwa tradition is to hang a dream catcher in each family's lodge. Both good and bad dreams float in the night air. A hanging dream catcher moves catches dreams as they float by.

Sweet dreams know the way to their dreamers and slip through the hole in the center of the swaying dream catcher, then slide down so softly that often the dreamer below doesn't even realize that s/he is dreaming.

Bad dreams are not as wise. They do not know their way to their dreamers, so they become entangled in the dream catcher's web, much like spiders' prey. These nightmares perish with the first light of the dawn.

Most traditional dream catchers are much larger than ours. The circle measures 1-1/8 inch in diameter. With the beads and feather, it measures approximately 4 inches. Because the feathers are natural, please allow some variation in length.

Wear one as a necklace just add a strand to protect your daydreams. Certainly, one would make a delightful embellishment to a western-themed project. Or, add one to a card as an extra gift.

These are hand-made, so each is unique. All are earth-tone. Please let us choose one for you.

These dream catchers are imported. They are not Native American Indian produced, a Native American Indian product or the product of a particular Native American Indian, Native American Indian Tribe or Native American Indian Arts and Crafts Organization.

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