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New Style Antiqued Silver Anatomical Heart Charm

New Style Antiqued Silver Anatomical Heart Charm

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Now you can really give your heart to someone. Or at least, a small replica of it. This stunning anatomical heart charm looks almost real enough to be that of a tiny person.

The hanging loop for this charm is actually made into the heart itself. If you look at our first image, on the upper right part of the charm, you can see where the arteries/veins (sorry, we are not exactly certain of which) are formed in a way that creates the "loop."

What sort of look will you use this charm for? Will it be a romantic look, sharing your heart with your special someone? A scary look for Halloween, carrying the heart of your soon to be resurrected monster? How about using it on a collar for your special four-legger?

The antiqued silver charm measures about 1-1/8 inch high and 1/2 inch in diameter.

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