Newspaper Mat Mold - Choice of 3 Subjects
Newspaper Mat Molds

Newspaper Mat Mold - Choice of 3 Subjects

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Mat Molds like this were in large newspaper sized sheets - that is, the old large newspaper size, not the smaller size we see today. You might find some magazine sized mold as well. They are made of thicker compressed paperboard.

Lead was poured to create a thin metal negative image which was mounted on a wooden block for the actual printing. This method of printing is no longer used today, of course, everything is all digital. There are still letterpress printers for artistic use and in the production of the few small town newspapers that are printed today. This type of printing was used mostly for advertisements.

We found some remnants of the large mats and we were quite taken by their historical significance in bygone days.

You might still use these today to create a new print block, use them in your collage and assemblage projects or even frame them.

Our fragments are of 3 types and range in size from 6-1/8 inches by 2-1/2 inches to 2-3/4 inches by 2-1/16 inches. These have been trimmed recklessly, but the images on them are complete. We're showing several of each of the subjects so you might see the variety. These vary in subject matter, size as well as price:

  • Movie Advertisements
  • San Giorgio Pasta Boxes, Cans & Bottles
  • San Giorgio Titles
Larger sizes of such advertising mat molds are much more expensive than these. And, of course, the better the subject, the higher the price. Our molds are a great way to start a collection.

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