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Not Forgotten - Consolation for Losing a Pet Gift Book

Not Forgotten - Consolation for Losing a Pet Gift Book

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Made in China
Those of us who share our lives with animals whose time on earth is shorter than ours must at sometime cope with the pain of losing these friends to death.

From her own experience and from the accounts of other animal owners, Alexandra Day has come to feel that animals who have departed this world want to send a message of reassurance, comfort and sympathy to their beloved human friends.

Alexandra Day, the author and artist of the Good Dog, Carl series has paired her message of love and remembrance with an array of images featuring animals and their human companions.

This lovely hardback gift book features a beautiful dust jacket and end papers filled with delicate and colorful birds. From the back of the dust jacket:
Our lives are profoundly enriched by animals. Our pets unselfishly give us their unconditional love and trust. But all too soon, we must face the death of our short-lived companions. As a specialist in treating pet dogs with life-threatening cancers, I have many times witnessed the enduring bond between owner and beloved pet and the grieving that accompanies the loss of an animal friend. In this book, Alexandra Day skillfully combines words and images to send us an important message from our dearly departed animal companions. Even though we cannot cure our animal friends of their every ill, we can keep them alive in our hearts. It is a comforting proposition that, even in death, their perfect love still surrounds us as we continue on our journey. Most of us have difficulty articulating our feeling to those who are grieving for a lost loved one. This book very eloquently speaks to anyone who has been moved by the loss of an animal friend. The reader cannot escape being affected by this wonderful book which evokes a sense of peaceful reflection that is therapeutic for the soul. - David J. Waters, DVM, PhD

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