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Old-Fashioned Chenille Santa Ornament with White Tree

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So, Santa might be bring you a little white bottle brush tree, even though he must be so busy. This little chenille St Nick is made in the style of vintage ornaments made with pipe cleaners. His face is composition that has been finished with hand painting - his blue eyes, white mustache and brow and even his hint of a smile. To top it off his beard of white has been fashioned of cotton.

Because he is made of chenille, you can bend his legs and hat to sit him down, to accent his feet and more. His arms are also ready to be positioned in the same fashion. There is even a tiny red string for you to hang him from your tree or package.

He measures about 5 inches tall from his tiptoes to the point of his hat. Of course, if you bend his legs, that will shorten him a bit. As pictured, his arms and the tree measure about 2 inches. If you straighten them out, you'll add a bit of length.

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