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Old-Fashioned Chenille Santa Ornament with White Wreath

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Maybe Santa Claus created this fine wreath from snow. Nope, it looks like it, but the wreath is really an old-fashioned bottle brush style adornment. St Nick and his wreath are made of old fashioned pipe cleaners (today, known as chenille). He has a composition hand painted face with blue eyes and cotton beard.

Because he is made of chenille, you can bend his legs and hat to sit him down, to accent his feet and more. There is even a tiny red string for you to hang him from your tree or package.

He measures about 5 inches tall from his tiptoes to the point of his hat. Of course, if you bend his legs, that will shorten him a bit. His arms (and hands) are holding the lovely wreath in front of him; he measures about 2 inches from elbow to elbow.

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