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Old-Fashioned HALLOWE'EN Tissue Festooning - Orange & Black

Old-Fashioned HALLOWE'EN Tissue Festooning - Orange & Black

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Made in USA
You'll think of oh, so many things to do with this old-fashioned tissue trim with touches of acetate to add some flair. It's interspersed with a shiny strip - creating a great sparkle when the light hits it! You'll get 25 feet of crepe tissue fringe is just waiting for your imagination to make its possibilities into a fun reality! The sparkle not only adds to the charm of our fringe, but it adds to the durability, too!

 Use it in lieu of, or in addition to ribbon on gifts and the receiver will be absolutely delighted. Or, hang it up as you would any streamer or crepe paper for festive décor! Wrap it around a paper nut cup and you'll have a great Hallowe'en party favor!

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