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Old Fashioned Hallowe'en Stunt Board - New Old Stock

Old Fashioned Hallowe'en Stunt Board - New Old Stock

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Made in Hong Kong


Limited Availability, Retired by Manufacturer

This is a great old-fashioned punch board game for all ages to play at a Hallowe'en party - any time of the year!. The choices are numbered 1 through 16 on this 4 by 5-1/4 inch board. Just push out the number of your choice and do what it says. There are 16 different amusing and harmless stunts to do.

Both physical and mental stunts are included:

  • Spell Abracadabra backwards.
  • Push a pumpkin across the floor with your nose.
  • Try to scare the person next to you.
  • Howl at the moon
and more...

Sometimes the oldest, simplest games make the most fun!

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