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Old Fashioned Plastic Fan Featuring Saints and Holy Pictures

Old Fashioned Plastic Fan Featuring Saints and Holy Pictures

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We offered this sweet fan years ago and haven't been able to get it again. And, we found it! So, it's new to some and back for others!

Perfect for a warm day in church, young and old alike can create a comforting breeze with this old-fashioned plastic filigree fan. Originally, fans like these were made from ivory and carved by hand and the images were hand painted. We can't offer any of those as ivory harvesting is outlawed and hand painted images are too dear. However, we think this plastic replica is quite charming. The filigree even features little birds!

Each fan features nine individual panels held together by a pin at the bottom and red cording at the top. When it is open, it measures 10-1/2 by 6-1/2 inches.

Each fan features the same saints and images of Jesus and the Blessed Mother. Included are:

  • Saint Anne with the Virgin Mary as a Child
  • Saint Anthony holding the Baby Jesus
  • Saint Francis of Assisi with Birds
  • The Infant of Prague
  • Saint Joseph holding the Baby Jesus
  • Jesus with a Flame
  • Our Lady of Perpetual Help with Jesus
  • The Sacred Heart of Jesus
  • Saint Theresa

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