Old Fashioned Red Laundry Sprinkler with Cork Fitting<br><font color=   NOW CHOOSE COLOR" class="img-responsive" />
Old Fashioned Red Laundry Sprinkler with Cork Fitting

Old Fashioned Red Laundry Sprinkler with Cork Fitting

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Our old fashioned laundry sprinkler fits easily into most household soda bottles. We think it best when used with a glass bottle, but it should work in a plastic bottle, too.

It was quite common years ago to sprinkle the laundry and then place it in the refrigerator before ironing. Even before the refrigerator, sprinklers were used to help smooth linens and cottons before the steam iron was around.

What a great idea for sprinkling water on your plants, too!

We still use one of these when ironing our linen tablecloths and doilies and even with some shirts! If you want to make your linens crisp, then you must try one of these old-fashioned 1950s-style plastic and cork sprinkler to fit in your own bottle.

Consider also using our sprinkler to "water" your artwork. Or, use it with other liquids (be careful that they are safe for plastic and cork).

We have even heard of people placing holy water or ritual waters in bottles and sprinkling about their living spaces for blessings and good fortune.

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