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Old Fashioned Wooden Nickel

Old Fashioned Wooden Nickel

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Made in USA

Some are old, some vintage and some pretty new - but see what you can buy with these wooden nickels! Once given to customers in lieu of coupons, these were a clever form of advertising - many people wanted to keep them as souvenirs, so the merchant rarely had to cash them in! And, if someone did use one, it could be given to yet another customer - not like today's throw-away coupons.

First issued in the 1930s, these were introduced when banks were failing as a promissory note of sorts. Most had expiration dates - some even expiration times. So, the phrase "Don't take any wooden nickels" was warning the buyer to beware of soon-to-expire change s/he might receive! Later, they were used as commemoratives for celebrations, and as coupons.

What a great idea for show-and-tell at any age!

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