One Dozen Cascarones - Mexican Confetti Eggs
One Dozen Cascarones - Mexican Confetti Eggs

One Dozen Cascarones - Mexican Confetti Eggs

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These bright and cheerful confetti eggs are the real thing! They are washed (the egg removed) and colored with biodegradable dye - and then filled with confetti. The opening (or punch hole) is then covered with tissue paper! These are USDA certified.

These are traditionally used in Mexican celebrations. Be sure not to eat these as they are meant only for fun. Tradition has it that they should be broken on the heads of friends and family*** and all the confetti sprinkles on the "victim." Then there will be a lot of giggling.

Of course, your box will be full with a dozen cascarones. We just had too much fun with these ourselves. The egg colors and the tissues colors are varied: some of them are bright and some pastel.

Ours are packaged in dozen egg boxes, however, as they are delicate, we cannot guarantee that they will all be perfect upon arrival. We pack them safely, so we expect that most, if not all, will survive the trip.

These cascarones are REAL EGGS that have been washed, colored with biodegradable dye and filled with confetti. Please be careful when using them. Cascarones are NOT EDIBLE. Not for children under 10.

*** If you choose to break the eggs on each others' heads as the tradition has it, please remember that egg shells can be sharp. Please use caution. These are not for small children. All children should be supervised.

We are not permitted to ship cascarones to locations outside the USA, due to postal regulations. We're so sorry for the inconvenience.

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