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One of a Kind Leaf-Shaped Bowl Made of Recycled Paper

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* Made in Vietnam

Adapting necessity to art, traditional basket-making techniques are used to make these wonderful little pots or bowls. Artisans use recycled posters from printing companies. First they make long flat strips of paper, dipped in glue - then dried. Then, after the strips dry, the artisans wet them again form them into useable shapes, like this little bowl with a lid. It is all held together with the glue as the strips are coiled. Sturdy household items are the result.

The brightly colored random patterns are derived from the shapes and the contents of the posters used, so you may see some printed words on yours, too.

We were particularly enchanted with the leaf-shape of this clever bowl. It is great in any room - even on your desk. It measures about 5-1/2 by 2-1/4 inches.

This bowl is unique, making it so much more yours. Each bowl is different, not only because it is handmade, but, because the paper strips are never the same from item to item.

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