Optical Calcite Chunk
Optical Calcite Chunk

Optical Calcite Chunk

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Believe it or not, calcite is the most common mineral next to quartz. But optical calcite - now, this is special, and, of course, less common. It is much like a rectangle - but, not quite - it looks as though it were stretched. Each stone is clear with a special icy luster.

Now the fun comes when you place an object behind it - the object will appear to be double! This is because rent indices of refraction of light that defines optical calcite. This stone is sometimes called a TV Stone because of the refracting nature.

Optical instruments often feature flawless specimens of optical calcite. Of course, the pieces we're offering are not flawless, but we're sure each piece will generate lots of fun and conversation! Pieces measure from 1/2 to 1 inch on each side.

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