Ornate Patinaed Fish and Hook Clasp
Ornate Patinaed Fish and Hook Clasp

Ornate Patinaed Fish and Hook Clasp

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Appearing as though it is freshly removed from the water, our fish and hook clasp is ready for its debut. Left there some time ago, the hook shows the workings of time, even the fish seems to have aged just like the hook stuck in its mouth.

Well, that is what it appears to resemble, truthfully though it has not spent time in the water, but rather made to look like it has. 

While this clasp would work perfectly in a traditional method, why not use it as the featured item in the front on a necklace. The intricate design on the fish would make it a beautiful centerpiece.

When attached the fish and hook measure about 2 inches long by about 1/2 inch high. The fish alone measures 1-1/4 inch long and 1/2 high and the hook alone measures 1 inch by 3/8 inch.

We have noticed that, at first at least, when attaching the hook to the fish it is a bit stiff. The best method we have found is to hold the hook to the side of the fish and pull the hook through the hole on the bottom. Turning the hook to straighten it out afterward. With use, this should become easier over time.

There are two fish in the photograph so that you might see both sides and the uniqueness of the patina in the similar pieces.

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