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Our Lady of Czestochowa (Black Madonna) Vitreous Enamel Pendant

Our Lady of Czestochowa (Black Madonna) Vitreous Enamel Pendant

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Made in Thailand

Originating in the 15th century, the Black Madonna is most often associated with the portrait found in Czestochowa, Poland. Some say that the extraordinary power of the Black Madonna is a strength that is not expressed in portraits of the lighter-skinned Mary, who is most often associated with purity and obedience. While the Madonna is still the Mother of Jesus, the diverse representations are not only images of her likeness, but symbolic of her spirit as well. Others suggest that there is a closer connection between the Czestochowa and the archetypal Earth Mother of many cultures, who intercedes for fertility and transcends both life and death.

This portrait is adapted from the original and is absolutely stunning in its presentation.

Equally stunning as jewelry or as an art element in a shrine or assemblage, this unique piece is conservatively priced for such elegant craftsmanship.

This striking pendant measures 7/8 inch wide by 1-1/4 inch long. Made of vitreous enamel, each pendant is assembled by hand, so please allow for some variability.

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