Our Lady of La Salette Medal
Our Lady of La Salette Medal

Our Lady of La Salette Medal

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* Made in Italy
The story of Our Lady of Salette began with two children tending sheep near La Salette in the French Alps. An apparition of the Virgin Mother appeared and spoke to them. She told them that the people, they included, had forsaken her and her Son. That no longer did people reserve Sunday for worship. That it was more common to blaspheme her Son's name, than to pray on Sunday. She also told them that it was she, who had caused the potatoes to rot, and would cause the wheat to fail; if the people were to continue as they were.

The children shared the story, and after much interrogation and threats of incarceration for not telling the truth, soon many came to believe them as their story never varied. When people came to the spot where she had spoken to them, a piece of rock upon which she had sat was broken off, leading to the discovery of a spring. Some of which was given to a woman suffering from a long-term illness; which she drank daily as she prayed a novena. Upon the ninth day, she was cured.

Memorare to Our Lady of La Salette

Remember, Our Lady of La Salette,
true Mother of Sorrows, the tears
you shed for me on Calvary.
Remember also the care you have
taken to keep me faithful to Christ,
your Son. Having done so much for
me your child, you will not now
abandon me. Comforted by this
consoling though, I come to you
pleading, despite my infidelities
and ingratitude.

Virgin of Reconciliation, do not
reject my prayers, but intercede for
me, obtain for me the grace to love
Jesus above all else. May I console
you by living a holy life and so
come to share the eternal life Christ
gained by his cross. Amen.

The silvery medal measures 1 inch high including the hanging loop by 5/8 inch wide (25 mm by 16 mm).

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