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Our Lady of Perpetual Help Necklace on Jet Black Faceted Crystal Rosary Chain

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Necklace on Jet Black Faceted Crystal Rosary Chain

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Made in USA from Imported Parts


Only One (1), Limited Edition
Made right here in our studio, This stunning fine art pendant features a light greytone image of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in silverplate. We've added this lovely piece to a 17-inch jet black faceted crystal rosary chain. We love the different sized beads as they compliment the pendant image.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help is a treasured representation of the Blessed Virgin Mary that has been associated with a Byzantine icon or image of the same name. There is some controversy about the original date of the image - ranging from the 13th through the 15th centuries. The actual icon is in Rome and has been there since the late 1400s.

This is a highly recognizable image of the Virgin Mary holding the Baby Jesus in her arms. Catholics have prayed to the Blessed Mother to intercede on their behalf, with her son, Jesus, for help. Perhaps the reason for the popularity of the image is Mary's gaze directly at the viewer, rather than down at her son, conveying her care for the world at large and individuals in particular.

This image is particularly special to us as it was our Grandmother's favorite. Although we never knew her, we have heard of her patience, kindness and open arms of love. And, this lovely medal features a very detailed image of Our Lady, the baby Jesus and the Angels.

We were quite taken by this pendant as it is devout yet the image is subtle. The pendant measures around 1-3/4 inch including the bail.

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