Pacific Railroad (1868 Reproduction)
Pacific Railroad (1868 Reproduction)

Pacific Railroad (1868 Reproduction)

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This report was originally published in 1868 on the progress of the Pacific Union Rail Road, west from Omaha, Nebraska. It lists everything from the officers of the company through the costs, the benefits and the connecting roads. There are some really great timely illustrations and the chapter titles feature beautiful calligraphy of the times.

On the back, it features an advertisement for the purchase of their mortgage bonds at $1,000 each - imagine! That would be approximately $15,800 each in 2010 dollars!

There are clear and concise descriptions of the difficulties encountered during the construction and their are accounts from many sources from company men to reporters.

Though its aim was to raise mortgage bonds for the company, it reflects the vitality and drive typical of the American spirit, where anything is possible.

This facsimile reproduction is in paperback form, printed clearly on its 48 pages. The book measures 8-1/4 inches by 5-7/8 inches

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