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Package of 10 MINI Unpainted Little People

Package of 10 MINI Unpainted Little People

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Made in Hong Kong

Sometimes all you need is the right person. Well, now you can have him or her or them help you! These nicely detailed teeny tiny little people arrive in assortments of 10 mixed, but unpainted. You might choose to use them as is, or indeed, if you have a steady hand, you might choose to paint them yourself!

Because these are all white, they look great on an all white background!

Some of the people may be sitting, standing, leaning. Dress is casual or business - quite the mixture - just like the humanity they represent.

Although there are a lot of different figures, most measure a scant 3/8 inch high (9mm). We just love these. You can sit them on beads - some of them even fit inside our Treasure Capsule or our Copper Treasure Capsule! Add them to your dioramas, or any tiny artwork scene. How wonderful for a tiny Nicho or other project.

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