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Package of 10 New REAL Cellophane Bags (4x6 inch flat) - NOT Plastic

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There are lots of bags out there calling themselves cello, making us think they are cellophane. Alas, most are high quality polypropylene - plastic - that imitates the real cellophane! And, as plastic, the bags are made from petroleum and are not so renewable.

These 4 by 6 inch bags are the real thing - cellophane! Real natural cellophane is made from cellulose - which comes from wood. That makes cellophane a totally natural product which 100% compostable and makes very little environmental impact once made. (Of course production impacts the environment somewhat, but the final product hardly does at all). These are the bags that were used in the mid-20th century before plastic bags became the rage.

We love the look and feel and how wonderfully old-fashioned they are. We package lots of SilverCrow products in these bags in many sizes. (We also use the polypropylene bags - we don't want to mislead you.)

Cellophane is highly permeable - allowing moisture to pass through, rather than be trapped inside. This reduces condensation and subsequently reduces the risk of mold and mildew. Because of it's natural origin, please know that this is not for permanent packaging.

This is not food grade packaging.

But, what we really, really love is that crinkly sound it makes when you touch it! Just like bags so many years ago. Our bags are non-toxic.

Not for Children.

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