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Package of 2 Wired Pine Stems
Package of 2 Wired Pine Stems

Package of 2 Wired Pine Stems

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* Made in China

Made in the tradition of pipe cleaners, these wired pine stems are just right for many holiday craft projects. Consider yourself making home décor pieces, wreaths, frames and more! They almost look real - the "needles" are silken and are mixed light brown and green - just like a real tree!

The stems measure 1/2 inch thick (12mm) and are 12 inches long. The wire is sturdy, but easy to bend and cut. Please don't use your best scissors to cut wire, old ones will do, or use wire cutters if you have them.

The last two photographs show several stems.

Please supervise children with these stems. The metal ends might not mix with little hands.

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