Package of 5 Tiny Assorted Color Chalks
Package of 5 Tiny Assorted Color Chalks

Package of 5 Tiny Assorted Color Chalks

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When we started selling our little Chalkboard Necklace, we wondered just what kind of chalk we should offer to accompany it - so that the wearer might change the message on a whim. Well, here we have it!

These slim little chalks arrive in packages of 5 pieces - 5 random colors which may include white. The chalks measure about 1-11/16 inches long and are just barely 1/8 inch in diameter - perfect for including with small projects - and especially neat because they are doll-size!

Chalks vary ever so slightly in length due to the fragile nature of the chalk. We package them securely, but they are indeed fragile, and might not make it through the mail perfectly.

Some chalk sticks may be pointed and some may not. You can use the chalk as is or, if you prefer a point, just use a regular hand-held kid's pencil sharpener carefully.

Several sets are shown for illustration only. Packaging may vary slightly.

Not for children.

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