Painted Resin Saint Jude Charm
Painted Resin Saint Jude Charm

Painted Resin Saint Jude Charm

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One of the most popular saints, Saint Jude, is known as the Patron Saint of lost causes and hopeless situations. Many have prayed to St. Jude for help when in the most dire situations and insist that such supplication has been invaluable in their healing.

In a traditional pose and garb, St. Jude is holding an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in one hand and a walking stick in the other. A halo encircles his head from behind, as though he is always in the company of the heavens.

The painted resin charm measures 2 inches high including the hanging loop and 3/4 inch in diameter at its widest.

You may also wish to use this charm as a small statue, such as in shrine. All you will need to do is simply remove the eye hook from the top of the charm.

Although we do not ever advocate small items for children, some have suggested that such statues as these be taken to church with the children, instead of toys, and always with adult supervision.

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