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PaperFix Staple-less Stapler
PaperFix Staple-less Stapler

PaperFix Staple-less Stapler

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This handy little gizmo is the earth-friendly staple-less…
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* Made in Germany
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This handy little gizmo is the earth-friendly staple-less stapler you've been searching for! It's about the size of a D-Battery and is very lightweight.

The manufacturer tells us that it affixes up to four sheets of paper, but we've found that it will actually connect up to six lightweight sheets. It tears, tucks and folds the papers together very neatly - and you won't have to search for staples. Simple operating instructions are included.

There are less expensive versions available. However, our PaperFix is the original and is extremely well made in Germany.

We don't expect this little gadget to replace your stapler! But, this is the tool you need when staples are not appropriate. It is especially handy for those temporary jobs - like sheets you intend to later shred - no paperclips or staples to remove - your shredder will thank you!

The picture shows the tools on the left and the actual "fix" on the right. We used 2 colors of paper so that you could more easily envision the attachment.

Available in translucent only.

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