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Patriotic Medallion
Patriotic Medallion

Patriotic Medallion

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Made of soft celluloid, such medallions were common place during WW2 They are delightful little pins that can be used in any projects. The movable ribbons below the rosette are also made of this classic material Neither the rosette nor the ribbons are made of fabric, only the celluloid. The streamers (ribbons) are movable so that you can move them in the order you please. The medallion has as true celluloid does - particularly the white one. It has taken on an ivory tone.

The may be particularly sited to patriotic or political project for any country who celebrates red, white and blue as their colors.

Please be careful of the pin on the back as it is quite old. We have not altered the pin in any fashion, but they are slipped the pin through a firm paper to help against pricking. We still advise you to be careful. The medallion itself is not sharp.

Each pin measures 1-7/8 inch high by 1-1/16 inch. Of course, this could change as you move the streamers to the sides or up and down.

We're showing you two (2) medallions so that you might see the variation in vintage colors.

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