Peruvian Amulet Vial
Peruvian Amulet Vial

Peruvian Amulet Vial

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Similar to many protection packages, these vials contain
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* Made in Peru

Similar to many protection packages, these vials contain a collage of plant and mineral material as well as lucky charms. The cap is sealed with colorful plasticized material (usually red, blue or green) so your amulet stays intact. The bottle itself is made of glass, and, although strong, is breakable. Made under the supervision of a curandero or curandera, the vials are carefully filled to his (or her) specifications.

The basic contents of the vial are:

  • Oil (usually mineral oil), for health.
  • Brightly dyed  pieces of tree bark (in yellow, pink or green), also for health.
  • A Job's tear seed used to make wishes in folk magic.
  • A piece of vuelve vuelve vine, used to return a lost lover.
  • A piece of iron pyrite to attract money.
  • A miniature horseshoe, for luck.
  • A red and black huayruru seed, also for luck.
  • A sliver of magnet to draw power to the vial's owner.
  • A tiny hand carved and painted primitive statue of St Anthony (patron of the lost), also for the return of a lost lover.

There may or may not be other contents in the vial. The vial is about 2 inches high by 3/4 inch in diameter at the widest point.

Vial caps differ in color and condition. All are secure and offer protection to the contents.

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