Peruvian Good Luck Packet
3 Amulets - Front

Peruvian Good Luck Packet

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* Made in Peru

SilverCrow's charming Peruvian Good Luck Packet (Paquete de Buena Suerte) is carried to protect and bless the individual carrying it.

The red seed is an huayruro seed, which is believed to bring good luck to the holder. The tiny wheat seeds represent the abundance of food. The miniature broom is the symbol of San Martin de Porres, a saint from Lima, Peru. San Martin is honored throughout Latin America as a protector of children and the impoverished.

Prominent in the little good luck amulet is the medal of a saint or of Jesus. The medals vary, and we never know who will be honored, as they arrive assorted. You'll also find a tiny horseshoe (another good luck charm) and 2 different milagros, which may vary.

On the back is a larger picture of another saint or of the Sacred Heart of Jesus or another image of Jesus. These pictures also vary.

We are showing several paquetes so that you may see the variety - and there are many more, too. Please let us choose one for you.

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