Petite Vintage Frozen Charlotte
Petite Vintage Frozen Charlotte

Petite Vintage Frozen Charlotte

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Each of these tremendous little dolls is more interesting than the next. They are called Frozen Charlotte Dolls or Frozen Charlotta Dolls.

Porcelain dolls such as these appear to have have been manufactured as far back as the early 1850s. Their history is quite intriguing, as is their allure. They are made of glazed porcelain.

They were made in Germany and were known there as Bathing Children (Badekinder) or Naked Babies (Nackfrosh). Charlottes were named after a young Victorian girl who went out dancing with her beau. Against Mother's advice, she left without her coat and froze in the snow. This is the story of an old folk song called Fair Charlotte often attributed to William Lorenzo Carter.

The first production of Frozen Charlotte dolls was in the 1850s. They were produced throughout the early 20th century. And they sold for only about a penny each in the United States. Can you imagine? Children would dress them and were able to collect a few because of the nice price. In fact they were often called Penny Dolls.

Ours have been dug up in Germany near the original factories. These tiny dolls are incomplete. Some of the extremities are missing, having chipped off a bit. Perfect ones are hard to find (and are much more expensive) because the original perfect dolls were sold by the factory. The factory workers buried the broken ones.

We have not cleaned them, so you can enjoy discovering the unique beauty of your own doll. Just use a mild soap gently with water. If whole, these lovelies might sell for $125 to $300 each. These tiny ones measure just under 1-1/4 inch high by 1/4 inch wide.

You'll see several of the dolls in our illustrations so that you might see the variations. Please let us choose one for you.

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