Phaistos Disc Charm or Pendant
Phaistos Disc Charm or Pendant

Phaistos Disc Charm or Pendant

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The Phaistos Disc is very much a mystery. While it displays 241 images (aka, tokens) with 45 distinct glyphs, the actual message on the disc is quite bewildering. It is thought to have its origins around 1700 BC in Crete. But, it is thought to be foreign as it doesn't resemble any other images from Crete. Diagonal lines are interspersed amongst the symbols, perhaps signifying the end of the thought (as in a sentence). These were thought to be created from stamps - pressed equally from either side (as the two sides are different).

The shape is an irregular circle, mimicking the original stone. It measures 1-1/4 inch in diameter and 1-9/16 with the hanging hole.

This antique silver plated charm will make an interesting pendant, or use it in your artwork for a touch of the mysterious and ancient. It's slightly heavier weight might not be right for earrings.

Shape: Irregular Circle
Diameter: 1-1/4 inch
Diameter with Hanging Hole: 1-9/16 inch

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