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Pin the Tail on the Cat Game

Pin the Tail on the Cat Game

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Made in USA

Perfect for parties - Birthday and Hallowe'en! Cut out the nine numbered tails (one for each life) and stick a pin or add a piece of removable tape in the same end of each tail. Place the cat on a sheet hanging in a doorway or against the wall.

Give each player a tail (and be sure they remember their numbers). Blindfold each player in turn, whirl the player around once or twice.

The now-disoriented player must step forward and pin the tail in the first place s/he touches, using only ONE hand.

The winner is the player who placed the tail against the proper place (or closest to it). Be sure to have a booby prize for the one who pinned the tail the furthest away.

Designed for children, this game has proven even more fun for adults!

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