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Pirate Treasure Map - Historical Reproduction Document

Pirate Treasure Map - Historical Reproduction Document

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Made in USA

Oh, that it were real! We'd all be rich! This super Pirate Treasure Map measures 13-3/4 by 16 inches. With delightful illustrations, the map shows 67 locations for buried treasure and that on sunken ships, or treasures that the pirates sunk themselves! We can't guarantee that you'll find anything at these locations, but all are based on research, legend and historical writings.

Our maps arrive rolled individually, so there are no folds. Slip it out of the plastic sleeve and add a cord or ribbon for a great party favor at a children's (or adult's) pirate birthday! Sing a chantey or two and enjoy some grog or root beer for an authentic touch.

Or wrap a present up in it - the red map lines add a festive touch!

You might also consider using portions of this in a special collage or assemblage about the sea.

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