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Polished Black Volcano Cube Bead

Polished Black Volcano Cube Bead

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Made in China


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Basalt is an igneous (now, remember your Geology Class) rock formed when a volcano erupts. These gorgeous natural lava cube beads are created from a milk chocolaty or grey stone, then they are waxed for preservation and to smooth them. Natural basalt is rough to the touch. Once the stone is waxed, it appears to be black, but is probably more like an extremely dark grey. Each bead is completely different from the next due its natural origins. There are visible holes and bubbles that create a superb tactile sensation.

Jewelry made from these beads will be touched a lot. Each cube measures 14mm on each side. The drilling is from corner to opposite corner on the diagonal, so this makes the length from 17 mm to 19 mm. Several beads shown for variability.

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